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Jumat, 16 September 2011

KEYLOGGER - Rin Logger

Yang butuh keylogger nih gua mau ngasih keylogger yang lumayan mudah untuk digunakan..
ga usah panjang lebar langsung aja nih reviewnya.

This is a free keylogger I've created to practice my skills as a coder, and at the same time strive for a higher level. The entire program is written in C#, the builder is compiled with .Net 3.5, and the server (or the virus) will be compile with .Net 2.0. Making keyloggers was one of the reasons I started to learn coding.

 [+] Stable Keylogging Made Easy! [+]

Everything is threaded and implemented with bug catchers, though of course you have to ensure you enter the correct details into the builder. The GUI has been designed to not squish everything in a single area or similar, this improves the overall looking on the window to help new users navigate around the program.

[+] Super Clean Logs [+]

Feast your eyes, HF. My keylogger definitely produces one of the cleanest keylogs you can find on

HackForums. Also, I have included some basic information grabbers, and a OS serial stealer blah blah blah.
[+] Built-in Obfuscator, Protect Your Email Infos [+]

Never have to worry about having your email account stolen when another geek happens to come across your server and steals the email password embedded inside the keylogger. Rin Logger has a built-in obfuscator that scrambles the program so that there's so little information to look through when decompiling it. Unless they are willing to spend hours looking through the randomized classes.
[+] Other Features [+]

Melt File (Installs server then destroys the original copy to leave no trace)
Downloader (Downloads one or more files off the internet, and execute it)
Web-Viewer (Opens one or more websites on the slave's computer)
Flexible fake Message (Camouflage your operation!)
Attach screenshots for each logging session
Customizable interval settings
Handy installation system
Colour keylogs
Multiple log recipients

Yang Mau Download klik disini

Selamat mencoba,semoga berhasil..ane juga lagi mau nyoba nih..hehehe (kokjadicurhat.?)

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